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Intro to Vegan Food

As we roll out new vegan options, you may be asking yourself some questions. Why is my favorite Irish pub offering vegan items? Why should I care? What is vegan? We’re going to answer some of your most burning questions, but first, we’ll start with the good news: most of your favorite beers, wines and nearly every type of hard liquor are naturally vegan, so you’re already well on your way to living a vegan lifestyle!
What is veganism?
Veganism refers to the practice of excluding all animal products from a diet or lifestyle. Foods or products that meet these guidelines are considered to be vegan, and a person who follows this practice is also known as a “vegan.” Unlike vegetarianism, veganism goes beyond a diet without meat. A vegan diet does not include any animal products, even those such as eggs, milk and honey.
What can vegans eat?
A vegan diet can actually include quite a variety of foods! Naturally vegan foods like fruits, vegetables and grains are staples in a vegan diet, but recently, more and more specially-made vegan products have become available. Vegan “meats,” cheeses, milks and yogurts are gaining popularity, even amongst non-vegans. And like we mentioned up top, most alcoholic beverages also meet the vegan guidelines. Cheers to that!
Why go vegan?
People choose to go vegan for a variety of reasons. Some make the dietary changes for their health, while others do it to protect animals or to help combat climate change. Factory farming and the mass consumption of animal products has led to overcrowding on farms and poor treatment of the animals, and the use of resources required to maintain the demand are taxing to the environment. However small, one person choosing to eliminate the use of animal products in their daily life can make a positive impact in these areas.
Is it healthy?

Like we said, many people choose to follow a vegan diet for health reasons. Due to the nature of the vegan diet being plant-based, vegans may tend to eat more fruits and vegetables than the average person. It’s no surprise to any of us that eating fruits and vegetables is beneficial to our health, so overall, yes, a vegan diet is healthy.

Chef Carla is excited to introduce you to a new style of pub food. In the meantime, has an extensive library of information about the vegan lifestyle if you’re interested in learning more.