molly malones

Now Cooking Up Vegan Dishes

We’re excited to announce that our new Chef, Carla, is bringing vegan options to Molly Malone’s in the Highlands. Carla’s familiar around here. She used to work at Molly’s, and now she’s back with some great additions in mind.

Every weekend, we’ll have vegan specials for take out and dine in. And you can keep up to date on them right here on our blog.

*Prepare for your mouth to water.*

This weekend, Carla’s making a Vegan Summer Lasagna with Olive Oil Garlic Bread, Chopped Salad, and Fresh Berry Cheesecake. She’s also making a Vegan Jambalaya with Jalapeño Cornbread, Fresh Kale Salad, and Fresh Peach Cobbler.

Oh, and did we mention that Guinness is vegan, too?

Our friend, Tammy, stopped by last weekend, and this is what she had to say.

“To all of you who are vegan out there, the chef at Molly Malone’s is vegan and will make vegan food for you. She made us a fabulous dinner last night of vegan shepherds pie and an absolutely gorgeous salad. You can call Molly Malone’s and she will fix you a special dinner. Check her out. She’s fabulous. Her name is Carla.”

Thanks, Tammy! We think she’s fabulous, too.

Order yours this weekend by calling ahead at (502) 473-1222.