molly malones


“Come as a stranger, leave as a friend.”

About Us

Welcome to Molly Malone’s!

We are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and invite you to enjoy our traditional Irish pub fare and, of course, lots of Irish libations.

Friday and Saturday nights for dance music from the area’s best DJ’s. The dance starts at 11 pm and lasts into the early hours of 4 in the morning.

The layout is rather large, but can be as small as you make it. Upstairs offers a smoking section, heat lamps, cornhole and drinks. The outside area offers seating, brews, and some of the best dining in the Louisville area. Inside is a laid-back warm area that heats up with dancing and fun at night.

We also always have international football (soccer), rugby and hurling on our wide screen HDTV’s. As well as the latest Cards and UK games. Go (enter your favorite sports team)!

Who was Molly Malone?

History lesson, Molly Malones was built from the stones of a pub based in Ireland. Making for an atmosphere where legendary parties meet really big tradition.

Louisville has a collection of stories and what better way to live them than grabbing a pint and relaxing with great company.

For the ultimate enjoyment, bring along some friends and see what it is all really about.

For more information or reservations at the Highlands location, call (502) 473-1222.

Send pictures of you and your friends hanging out at Molly Malone’s or photos of your band playing here to: or to our Facebook at  Thanks a million.


Seasonal Specials

“Ask your Server / Bartender about our Seasonal Specials.”


“We serve a wide variety of Irish, local & Vegan fare.”

Fresh Ingredients

“Freshness is important to us, we purchase and prep in small quantities more frequently.”

Experienced chefs

“Our talented chefs follow recipes for consistency and run specials for creativity.